You need to the keep the dream alive. It's the far off distant year of 2021. Despite our best efforts, we were able to beat the coronavirus. In the time of peace, you've decided that you'd like to settle down in a remote mountain village and enjoy the company of nature and animals.

Alas, it didn't take long. The bank has come to collect on the loan and to make matters worse the MEAT EATING ROBOTS used to stop the coronavirus in 2020 have returned to feast on your cows! 

Controls: Movement -- WASD Jumping -- Space (Double jump is possible. Hold down the space bar for higher jumps) Switch Tools -- Scroll Wheel Throw Items -- Left Mouse Button Use Items -- Left Mouse Button Pickup -- E (you are able to stack a single pickup. If you are holding cheese you can pickup as much cheese as you want)

BONUS: YOU CAN PICK UP COWS AND ITEMS (MILK, CHEESE, BUTTER) at the same time. So you can move your cow with you as you cash stuff in.

Original version created for Ludum Dare 46. This version contains updates made after the initial jam including sounds, level design, and mechanical changes. Good luck.

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